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                                                                  Clarence Ray Perry (1881-1936)



Clarence Ray Perry was the son of John Ray Perry and Sarah Elizabeth Mullen. He was born on a small farm in Harlem, Ohio, and married Iva Dell Payne (1884-1971), the daughter of Thomas R. Payne and Nannie Edith Burrer, in Galena, Ohio. Clarence died in 1936 and is buried in Sunbury Memorial Cemetery along with his wife.

Clarence and Iva Dell had 10 children: Louise (1903-1997), Eva May (1905-1990), Myrtle Marie (1907-1969), Frank Lester (1908-1990), Carl Ray (1909-1947), Gladys Caroline (1911-2003), Paul Arthur (1913-1951), Walter (1915-1987), Robert Russell (1916-1998) and Dorothy Emma (1920-2002).

More on the children:

1. Louise Perry married Robert Louis Day. Louise is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

2. Eva May Perry married Charles William Gutridge (1895-1974) and they are buried in Sunbury Cemetery.

3. Myrtle Marie Perry married Robert McWhirt and then Benjamin Grooms (1910-1997). Marie and Benjamin  are buried in Fancher Cemetery.

4. Frank Lester Perry married Fern Rocky (1901-1978). They are buried in Bradenton, Florida.

5. Carl Ray Perry married Barbara E. Till (1916-1985). Carl is buried in Sunbury Cemetery.

6. Gladys Perry is buried in Sunbury Cemetery.

7. Paul Arthur Perry married Myrtle Marie Burch (1912-1973) and is buried in Union Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

8. Walter Perry married Ruth (Unknown) and then Jeannie Marie Watts. Walter is buried in Bradenton, Florida.

9. Robert Russell Perry married Mary Evelyn Denton (1920-1998) and they are buried in Sunbury Cemetery.

10. Dorothy Emma Perry married Kenneth Warren Owen (1914-    ). Dorothy is buried in Sunbury Cemetery.



                                                       Myrtle Marie, Louise and Eva Perry (abt. 1921)