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                                                                       Elizabeth Jane Mullen (1860--        )




Elizabeth Jane Mullen, daughter of Perry L. and Mary Mullen, was born in 1860 in Cumberland County, Illinois. She married Adam Henry Mumford, son of Levi Mumford and Mary Funk, in 1878. They had the following children:

1. Perry Levi Mumford (1879-1969)

2. Mary Etta Mumford (1881-      ) who married (1) Wesley Ripple and (2) William Hires. Mary Etta and Wesley Ripple had Alice Marie Ripple. Mary Etta and William Hires had Pauline Hires.

3. Henry Adam Mumford (1884--1967) married (Unknown). They had Lottie Ann Mumford, Charles Mumford, and Clarence Mumford.