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                                                                                   Henry Mullen



Henry Mullen is believed to be the son of Thomas and Rebecca Mullen. He was born abt. 1800 and married Nancy Decker in 1828. He is shown in the 1830 census as living next to Thomas and Rebecca in Genoa Twp. in Delaware County, Ohio. The first 4 of their children were born in Delaware County, Ohio, but the last 4 are shown as being born in Cumberland County, Illinois. Here are the children:

1. Eliza Mullen (b. abt. 1829)

2. Jackson Mullen (b. 1830--?) married Jane Lowden.

3. Martha Mullen (b. 1835--?) married William T. Williams in 1853.

4. Cornelius Mullen (b. 1835 in Delaware Co., Ohio; d. 1926.) married (1) Martha Louthan in 1856, (2) Martha Louden in 1859 and (3) Melissa David in 1879.

5. Perry L. Mullen (b. 1837 in Cumberland Co., Illinois; d. 1924 in Clark Co., Illinois) married (1) Palmyra Unknown and (2) Mary Ann Doty in 1860.

6. Matthew Mullen (b. 1843; d. 1856)

7. Rachel Mullen  (b. 1846--?)

8. Mary C. Mullen (b. 1855;d. 1921)


For more information about the following children, click the link.

Cornelius Mullen                  Perry L. Mullen