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                                                        Joseph Mullen (1835-- 1920)



Joseph Mullen  was the son of Jacob and Catherine. He was born in 1835 in Blendon Twp., Franklin County, Ohio. He married Martha Bell Girkey (b.1839--d.1870-1880), the daughter of George and Susan Girkey of Worthington, Ohio.

Joseph served in the 46th regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

Joseph and Martha had the following children: Catherine (b. 1858), Susan (b. 1864), Emery (b. 1866), Charlotte (b. 1870) and Virginia (b, 1874) in Delaware County, Ohio.


Children's information:

1. Catherine was born in 1858.

2. Susan was born in 1864.

3. Emery was born in 1866.

4. Charlotte (1870-1912) married Columbus A. Stull and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. They had 1 son, Raymond.

5. Virginia Della (1874-1926) was born in Worthington, Ohio, and died in Delaware, Ohio. She married Adolph Miller and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware.

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Virginia Della Mullen