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                                                                                 Martha Etta Mullen (1862--      )




Martha Etta Mullen, daughter of Perry L. and Mary Mullen was born in 1862 and married Henry W. Giffin. They had the following children:

1. Eddie Giffin

2. Jessie Giffin

3. William H. Giffin (1884-    ) and married Mary Malissa (Unknown).

4. Cassie Giffin (abt. 1895-1925).

5. Bryan D. Giffin (1897--     ) married Zadie Davis in 1919 in Clark County, Illinois.

6. Nettie P. Giffin (1901--1995). She married (1) Henry Johnson,  (2) Walter B. Scott and (3) (Unknown) Haub. Nettie and Henry Johnson had Ruth Johnson (abt. 1919) and William Johnson (abt. 1920). Nettie and Walter Scott had Marvin Lee Scott, Mae Scott who married Donald Kinsey and Venita Scott who married (Unknown Weber).

7. Mary D. Giffin (1894-1925)