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                                                         Mary Delila Mullen (1871-1936)




Mary Delila Mullen, daughter of Perry L. and Mary Mullen, was born in 1871 and died in 1936. She married Allen Huffman, son of John Huffman and Silvia Snider, in 1888. Mary and Allen Huffman had the following children:

1. Charles Ernest Huffman.

2. Lanny Huffman

3. Bell Huffman (1889-    ) married William Beasley and they had Vera Beasley (b.abt. 1921-    ) and Paul Beasley (b.abt 1927--    )

4. Johnny Huffman (1900-1972) married Viola (Unknown). They had Subrina Huffman (b.abt. 1918--    )