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                                                       William Perry Mullen (1880-1960)



William Perry Mullen, the son of Cornelius and Melissa Mullen, was born in Cumberland County, Illinois, in 1880 and died in 1960 in Clark County Illinois.  William married (1) Ollie May Kemper, daughter of Simon and Artemecia Kemper in 1903, and (2) Minnie Elizabeth Shafer, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Hall) Shafer, about 1908.

William and Ollie May Mullen had the following children:

1. Nora Mullen (1904-1989) married Edgar Daugherty in 1923 in Coles County, Illinois. They had Eli Daugherty (1929-1995), who married Mildred French in 1930, Stella Daugherty who married Richard Carlson, Dorotha Daugherty who married Harry McNerney, Freda Daugherty who married Robert Parchem, Russell Daugherty, and Ella May Daugherty who married Donald Seitz.

2. Virgil Mullen (1906)

William and Minnie Elizabeth Mullen had the following children:

3. Vernie Victor Mullen (1909-1910)

4. Mary Marie Mullen (1911-1988) married Elmer Cusick (1900-1980). They had Donald Eugene Cusick (1943-1997) who married Carol Nicholson, Jerry Lee Cusick (1935-1997) who married Marilee (Unknown), Mary Ellen Cusick (1943-1989) who married Edward Eastham, David William Cusick (1933-1994) who married Cherri LaLoux, Dorothy Cusick who married (Unknown) Felgenhauer, Marge Cusick who married (Unknown) Bird, Betty Lou Cusick who married (Unknown) Clauson, Cathy Cusick who married (Unknown) Johnson, Pauline Rose Cusick (1937-2004) who married Jack Hillyer, Phillip Cusick, George William Cusick (1928-   ), Shirley Ann Cusick (1944-1988) married Orville Baty, Sr., and Vera Lucille Cusick (1939).

5. Leslie Raymond Mullen (1915-     ) married Mary Pauline Kampschrader in 1942 in St. Charles Missouri. They had Dorothy Catherine Mullen ( 1942--    ) who married Robert Dean Swick in 1961, Leslie Erving Mullen (1944-    ) who married Mary Elizabeth Cown in 1964 and Gilbert Leroy Mullen (1947-    ) who married Amy Jo Wilcox in 1968 in Casey, Illinois.

6. Ernest Earl Mullen (1919-     ) who married Margaret Jane McKinzie in 1941. They had Earnest Earl Mullen, Jr. who married Neoma Jean Stephen in 1964 in Martinsville, Illinois.