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                                                               John Daniel Mullen (1866--1900)




John Daniel Mullen, son of Perry L. and Mary Mullen was born in 1866 and died in 1900. He married Arminta Jane Smith in 1889 in Clark County Illinois. They had the following children.

1. Elva Ethel Mullen (1890-1985) married Victor Lawson Winterrowd in 1926. They had Lennie Jane Winterrowd who married (Unknown) Sanders and Earl Winterrowd.

2. Effie Alice Mullen (1891-1946) who married William Henry Crum.

3. Sadie Ann Mullen (1893--1969) married Arthur C. Garver. They had Clara Jane Garver (1929-1992)  in Clark County, Illinois who married Thomas Davidson.

4. Clara Etta Mullen (1889--    ) married (Unknown) Redden.

5. Arthur Owen Mullen (1895-1907)

6. Perry Lewis Mullen (1898--1901)