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                                                                             Jacob Mullen (1810-1899)



Jacob Mullen was the son of Thomas and Rebecca Mullen. He was born in Luzerne Co. Pennsylvania, and moved with his family to Genoa Twp., Delaware County, Ohio and died in Van Wert, Ohio in 1899. He married Catherine Green from Virginia.

Jacob and Catherine Mullen had 7 children: Daniel (b. 1832), Thomas B. (1833-1908), Martin Van Buren (b. 1834), Joseph (b. 1836), Alexander (b. 1839), Elias (b. 1842) and William R. (b. 1843). Several of these children went to live in Indiana.


More information on the children:

1.Daniel married Eliza Baldwin. They had Thomas E. Mullen (b. 1855), Alocia M. (b. 1857), Ezra (b. 1859), Nancy (b. 1863), Martha (b. 1869) and Millard (b. 1879).

2. Alexander married Mary (Unknown). Their children were Harry B. (b.1882) and Ethal (b. 1886). Alexander served in the 46th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

3. Elias Married Nancy (Unknown). Their children were Emma (b. 1866), Ernest (b. 1867), Etta (b. 1869), Charles (b. 1876), Ada (b. 1878).

4. William married Sarah (Unknown). They had James (b.abt 1856) and Margaret (b. abt. 1857).


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