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                                                                             Perry L. Mullen (1837-1924)




Perry L. Mullen was the son of Henry Mullen and Nancy Decker and was born on May 28, 1837 in Cumberland County, Illinois. He was the first child born in Illinois to Henry and Nancy after the family left Delaware County, Ohio. He died on November 18, 1924, in Clark County, Illinois. His first wife was Palmyra (Unknown) and his second wife was Mary Ann Doty (daughter of Featherspoon Doty and Charity Gordon) whom he married in 1860 in Coles County, Illinois. Perry and Mary Mullen had the following children:

1. Ann Mullen (m. Unknown Williams)

2. May Mullen (m. Unknown Huffman)

3. Elisabeth Jane Mullen (b. 1860--    ) married Adam Henry Mumford in 1878 and had Perry Levi Mumford (1879-1969), Marry Etta Mumford (1881-     ), Susan Jane Mumford, William Joseph Mumford (1891-1974).

4. Martha Etta Mullen (b. 1862--    ) married Henry W. Giffin. Martha and Henry Giffin had Eddie Giffin, Jessie Giffin, William H. Giffin (1884--    ), Cassie Giffin (b. abt. 1895; d. 1925), Bryan D. Giffin (1897--     ), Nettie P. Giffin (1901-1995), Mary D. Giffin (1894-1925)

5. John Daniel Mullen (1866--1900) married Arminta Jane Smith in 1889 in Clark County, Illinois. They had Elva Ethel Mullen (1890--1985), Effie Alice Mullen (1891-1946), Sadie Ann (1893-1969), Clara Etta Mullen (1889--    ), Arthur Owen Mullen (1895-1907), Perry Lewis Mullen (1898-1901)

6. James H. Mullen (1869-1896) married Minnie J. Ryan  (1870-1889) and they had Harold Mullen.

7.Mary Delilia Mullen (1871-1936) married Allen Huffman (1868-1927) in 1888 in Clark County, Illinois. They had Charles Ernest Huffman, Lanny Huffman, Bell Huffman (1889--    ), and Nellie Ann Huffman (1890--    )

8. Perry Cornelius Mullen (1873-1878)

9. David William Mullen (1879--1960) who married (1) Corie Schofstall and (2) Alta Phillips. David and Alta Mullen had Katherin Mullen

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Elizabeth Jane Mullen            Martha Etta Mullen             John Daniel Mullen             Mary Delila Mullen